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Contact 09 Sep - 13 Sep 2019 Coherence workshop.  Coherence at ESRF-EBS 9 to 13 September 2019
The Coherence at ESRF-EBS workshop will explore the opportunities created by the enhanced coherence properties of the ESRF-EBS X-ray source. Unconstrained by scientific domain the future at both existing and imminent beamlines will be discussed.
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Contact 23 Sep - 25 Sep 2019 Energy Materials EBS-Workshop.  Synchrotron Techniques: Characterization of Energy Materials and Devices
EBS Workshop on Emerging Synchrotron Techniques for Characterization of Energy Materials and Devices 23-25 September 2019
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Contact 07 Oct - 09 Oct 2019 XSMM Workshop.  EBS-Workshop on 'X-ray Spectroscopy of Magnetic Materials' - 7 to 9 October 2019
This workshop is intended to be a fruitful forum for informal discussion of new results and future projects of synchrotron-radiation-based research on magnetism and also serve for the formation of new collaborations.
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Contact 20 Oct - 25 Oct 2019 MEDSI SCHOOL2.  School2 for Mechanical Engineering Design for Synchrotron Instruments
MEDSI school2 is a training course in mechanical design of synchrotron instruments. The MEDSI (Mechanical Engineering Design for Synchrotron Instruments) community comprises the mechanical groups from most of the world’s large X-ray facilities.
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Contact 12 Nov - 14 Nov 2019 Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence Workshop
The workshop will therefore introduce AI in the data context and explore the potential applications of AI in treating data at large-scale facilities.