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Upcoming public Events

Contact 25 Mar - 07 Apr 2021 IFDEPS Virtual Thursdays.  IFDEPS Virtual Thursdays 2021
The IFDEPS Virtual Thursdays is an on-line event to keep in contact detector experts from synchrotron radiation user facilities worldwide, both storage rings and free-electron lasers.
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Contact 06 May - 07 May 2021 DFXM.  Remote Workshop on Dark Field X-ray Microscopy - 6 & 7 May 2021
The aim is to present this new instrument and seed a new user community. Via discussions with potential users, we aim to determine the needs of future users for instrumentation such as sample environments, auxiliary measurements, sample preparation.
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Contact 01 Jul - 02 Jul 2021 PSB Symposium.  PSB Symposium "Frontiers in Bioimaging"
The aim and scope of this meeting is to highlight progress in 3D imaging research that bridges the gap between the atomic and cellular scales, with spatial resolutions spanning from subnanometer to submicrometer range.
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